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Based in Warsaw, Poland

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Q3, 2019

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Sole Light Isometric puzzle game This is your life. Discover the world of cozy dystopia. Push rocks, solve puzzles and try to make sense of it. Perhaps you’ll even manage to make your mark and stand out in the world of indistinguishable people. Or take the easy way out and just enjoy the gameplay and graphics, not really thinking much about all of it. After all, isn’t all what we do just about having a blast?You own this game, your experience is your choice. Reflect of deflect, no one sees, no one judges, no one really cares. Maybe it’ll help look at the world around you from a different angle. Maybe you’ll just make it fun with no strings attached.


Sole Light started as a hobby project. It's early prototype was quickly announced at many Facebook and Twitter groups and pages. The community was very enthusiastic about the game so we decided to push forward. After few months of work we've already released a fully playable demo. It consists of one chapter that contains six hand-crafted levels. Our goal is to release a game this year somewhere around Q3. Stay tuned!


  • World of a Cozy Dystopia
  • Discover the unique minimalist dystopian world
  • Solve various puzzles by pushing rocks and controlling clones
  • Isometric mobile puzzle
  • Listen to the beautiful OST made by former Ubisoft composer Sam Oz
  • Enjoy 6 extraordinary chapters that contains 36 hand-crafted levels
  • If you loved Monument Valley and Inside, Sole Light is a perfect match for you


Gameplay Video YouTube


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About Indeep Studios

We’re Indeep Studios, we simply love making games that aren’t simple. We believe entertainment doesn't have to be trivial. This is why our mission is to develop games which addres complex issues and inspire reflection in a fun and approachable way. We know striving towards perfection is an endless effort. This is why we'll never stop trying to get even better and why no matter what we do you can always expect more.

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Sole Light Credits

Rami Ismail
Business & Development, Vlambeer

Jan Willem Nijman
Game Designer, Vlambeer

John Doe
Artist, Freelancer

Oliver Twist
Artist, Freelancer

Jane Doette
Music, Freelancer

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