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Featured game

Sole Light

Isometric puzzle game for iOS and Android

Discover the dystopian world by pushing rocks and controlling clones to solve puzzles. Enjoy the smooth gameplay and graphics. You might also want to look for a hidden deeper meaning.

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Pushed rocks


Extraordinary chapters


Hand-crafted levels

Sole Light - Well, no one said getting to a bonfire with your friends wouldn’t always be easy. And that is especially true when you appear to live in a world that was crafted by M.C. Escher. On that note, while Monument Valley comparisons are likely to pop up, this still feels like one fascinating mobile puzzler that you should keep your eye out for.

Hardcore GamerNo nonsense, just games

Hey it's IndieDev Tuesday! Sole Light is our pick for today, and it really is an Indie game being developed by a single dev. It's a work-in-progress, but it looks like it will be a good puzzle-platformer.

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“Sole Light” has the potential to be a new star in the Indie sky. If you are curious to try this game already, download it here! I know for sure, that I’ll keep this game on my phone to see it grow.

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