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Explore the dystopian world by pushing rocks and controlling clones to solve puzzles. Enjoy the smooth gameplay and graphics. Look for a hidden deeper meaning.

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Why Sole Light?

It is a great game, very lovely experience. The puzzles are challenging and very unique. They blend well with the armosphere and the theme, it doesn't feel like a forced feature, everything composed very nicely.

Beta Tester

I'm sooo in love with this game 😍 This is an amazing game with stunning graphics, sounds and ambience. The puzzles are challenging and diverse with the difficulty increase by level. It's still early access so great job and best of luck!

Beta Tester

This game is artistic, tells a story without dialouge, is challenging, and is everything an artsy indie puzzle game should be. Amazing work!

Beta Tester

Game Design

Perfectly smooth gameplay and graphics


Discover an unique minimalist dystopian world


Pushing rocks and controlling clones puzzles


Look for a hidden deeper meaning

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